Kuhakt is a horizontally scalable modernized cloud native IoT platform.

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Welcome to the kuhakT-open-source IOT platform


kuhakT is an open-source IOT platform, it has been designed in the view of following layers and can be tailored using organization specific requirements the platform is designed for device to device /device to service/service to device or service/service communication.

  • MQTT engine - a core component for light-weight message communication within platform framework
  • Workflow engine - user specific process definition and deployment for managed device or service specific workflow
  • Restful engine for device registration, authentication and domain registration
  • Restful engine for device performance and fault management
  • User interface to manage device, domain data management that include process definition for each device or across domain and end to end flow of each device, device performance and fault management that include alarm and performance key performance indicator monitoring

Fig 1 kuhakT platform


It has been designed to provide the view of managed devices(s),workflow engine for end to end data flow visualization, device to device boundary or device to service boundary or vice versa and device fault and performance in a single window.

MQTT Core engine

Fig 2 kuhakT MQTT engine managed device to boundary endpoint

Fig 3 kuhakT MQTT engine boundary endpoint to managed device

MQTT protocol is used for platform communication and we support following protocol(s)





protocol converter is used to convert above protocol to MQTT Aggregator, forwarder and retry function to be defined by the user - user can choose to define appropriate function for end to end data flow - mqtt engine shall deploy the same. User can either choose to define workflow in domain -where all the device(s) are applied within domain or can be applied on each device.

workflow engine

opensource workflow engine to define and deploy end to end data follow Data flow can be either applied to domain or each device User specific view of the data visualization using corporate IDM/OpenID based authentication and authorization

User interface

UI to visualize doman,data registration,authetication ,end to end data visualization that include device fault and performance management

Horizontal scaling of MQTT Agent

Fig 4 kuhakT MQTT engine scaling

  • Provisioner is a orchestration engine, is responsible for scaling mqtt agent, scaling applied based on no of device(s) connected for each doamin registration.

Deployment architecture

Fig 5 kuhakT deployment architecture

  • It is based on Kubernetes platform and can be deployed in public/private cloud.